The ‘Change’ I ‘Hoped’ For

January 16, 2017

By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.

When Barack Obama first ran for president in 2008, he adopted a slogan of “hope and change.

Frankly, I think President Obama won that election for exactly the same reason that Donald Trump won the 2016 version, and that is because Hillary Clinton was a very bad candidate.

At any rate, within the first 100 days of the Obama administration, I began to believe in this “hope and change” concept. I was “hoping” we could get through his term(s) without irreparable damage to our basic representative republic and I started looking forward to a “change” when he would eventually leave office.

One of the most important changes that could have taken place during the Obama time was the change of the Supreme Court. We came very close to that happening. When Justice Antonin Scalia died last February, I could literally hear the anticipation in the voices and see the anxiety in the actions of many on the left and in the biased news media. They were almost giddy with the possibility that Barack Obama could replace Scalia, and do it in an election year. Thankfully, that did not happen.

I do not have any idea whether Donald Trump will be a good president. That remains to be seen, but I do know that any of the people on the supposed short list of those who might be nominated are far better than the activist judges we would have undoubtedly seen had the Progressive Liberals had their way.

I, like many of you, am limited to how much I can find out about any given judge, but based on what I see so far, I am impressed with several of them. I must admit that I have always thought that, given a person who has seen time on a federal bench as opposed to someone that has only state experience, I likely would select the person with the federal experience. That said I am drawn to one possible nominee that has only state experience, but has other attributes that leads me to believe she would make a great Supreme Court Judge.

Joan Larsen is a Michigan Supreme Court Justice. She is obviously bent toward the conservative line, but more than that, she appears to understand the purpose of the Supreme Court, and she clerked for the above-mentioned Antonin Scalia.

I know it sounds bad to some, but I also think that she has some attributes that could help in the confirmation process, and like it or not, those attributes will be considered.

First, she is a woman. There is no doubt that this country has come a long way since we tolerated the stereotyping and goofball ideas put forth by Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners. Women long since stopped being just supporters of men and we need to recognize that, rather than listen to people like Hillary Clinton who demand to be looked at as inferior and as constant victims.

Secondly, Judge Larsen is, in the scheme of things, a young woman. At 48, she has the potential of sitting on the court through seven or eight more presidential elections.

There are 20 or so others on various lists and I keep looking up their names, but Larsen seems to come to the top each time.

Of course, I predict that, regardless who the nominee is, Colorado will have one senator who will vote against confirmation, not because of qualification, but because he is strictly partisan and is still trying to figure out why Donald Trump ended up with over 300 electoral votes. Senator Bennet’s seat is another place I am “hoping” for a “change” next time around.

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© Robert R. Cox 2017





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