Amendment 69 – a potential disaster

August 22, 2016


By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado. 

Colorado is flirting with going down another socialistic path that can only lead to financial disaster.

Somehow, and I can tell you my theory sometime, over 150,000 of our fair citizens became signatories on petitions that placed another proposed amendment on the Colorado ballot. Amendment 69 is potentially one of the worst amendments added to the Colorado Constitution, and there are plenty bad ones to go around.

In effect, Amendment 69 would create a single-payer heath system in Colorado. That system would likely cause patients to suffer through long waiting periods and even reduce the quality of health care for Colorado citizens. And it would definitely cost a lot of money – money that must come from the pockets of those waiting in line.

You will likely hear more of the pros than the cons on this, because it seems that the Denver news media is all about covering the pros and leaving the cons to be labeled as op-eds and letters to editors.

Vermont tried this very thing just a few years back. Vermont is not a huge conservative state, quite the contrary, but they looked at this proposal closely and defeated it. The same thing needs to happen here.

This amendment could easily double the state’s budget. It is a $25 billion tax increase that citizens will pay into from two directions. First they would pay a 10 percent employment tax. Secondly, the cost to business owners and sole proprietors will go up significantly. Those costs will be passed on to consumers and patients and their pockets will be picked while they wait for a Canadian-style health care system to decide when, and if, they will get treated.

Interestingly, one of the organizations that would normally be all on board for this type of thing has come out against it. NARAL ProChoice Colorado is opposing the amendment because it fears it will limit access to abortions. I never thought I would be on the same page with these people, but I find myself there now. There are some arguments whether or not the amendment would replace the current ban on using public funds for abortions. I think it is possible that Amendment 69 could supersede Article V, section 50 in that regard.

The bottom line is that Colorado cannot afford this and health care will suffer because of it. I can just hear the flower children and the drugs, sex and rock and roll people of my generation lamenting the fact that this socialistic, big government push for power has not taken place much earlier, so they could have been under a system run by the government long before they signed up for Medicare, which is what many of them are doing right now.

If this thing passes, all Colorado citizens will lose their current benefits plans and those plans will be replaced by benefits that comply with regulations made by some entity that has yet to be identified or defined. We cannot let this happen.

One of the worst things about this whole proposal is the fact that, by the time all those give-it-to-me-free advocates figure out that it is not working, it will have been embedded into the Constitution and will be very difficult to remove or even amend. This is as good a reason as there can be to get your ballot counted.

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© Robert R. Cox 2016




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