Grow Government, Grow

August 15, 2016

By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.



We all know how I feel about the crazy proliferation of governmental regulations over the past several years. My concerns seem to be given credence in a recently released analysis conducted by Susan Dudley and Melinda Warren on behalf of the George Washington University and the Weidenbaum Center on Economy, Government and Public Policy. The study has been referred to by some of my favorite commentators, including Matthew Andrews and James Gattuso, both affiliated with the Heritage Foundation.


The analysis, in the world of government at least, is not long; only 26 pages, but some of the findings are staggering and I think show how much damage the big government politicians have done to this country.


The study focuses only on regulatory agencies that impact the private sector. The analysis does not include Social Security, IRS and similar regulatory agencies.   Throw those in and things would look even worse.


Now, not all this started with the Obama administration, but the 2016 budget shows that he and his supporters are all-in on this massive government expansion. From 1960 to 2015, the money pumped into regulation increased 1,800 percent. One of my favorite goofball agencies, the EPA, was established during the Nixon era in 1970. Its primary purpose was to respond to the ever increasing and highly visible onslaught of air pollution and what people like Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring) viewed as indiscriminate use of pesticides. It has since expanded at a rate that is almost unbelievable. The employment numbers of the EPA have increased, according to the analysis, by well over 10,000.


From 2014 to 2015 the economy grew by a dismal 2.6 percent. The powers-that-be have manipulated the unemployment numbers, and to some extent the economic numbers, to make things look much better than they are, but the 2.6 percent number is dwarfed by the 4.3 percent that the regulatory agencies grew. And remember that the 277,000 employees referred to in this analysis do not include those put to work in the IRS, Social Security Administration, Defense Department or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Those agencies actually amount to about 33 percent of the money we send to Washington for abuse each year.


And, just so you know that I am not leaving out Obama, his administration has added more than $100 billion to this problem. To make things even worse, we now have a candidate for the presidency that thinks Obama has not done enough. Hillary Clinton quite literally seems to want to double down on what Obama has done. That means that the number of economy busting regulatory employees could well meet the number of employees employed year around by McDonalds franchises. Maybe that is a good comparison because it would not surprise me if the future holds a drive-up window for obtaining citizenship financed under the guise of “immigration reform.”


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© Robert R. Cox 2016




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