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Election not important – think again

By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


For those of you who do not think the upcoming election is important, allow me to use one of my pet peeves of the current administration to highlight how important it is.


We currently have a large group of people, including Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, who could not care less about following the law. And on the top of their list is an all-out effort to weight the Supreme Court in their favor. For those of us who really like our constitutionally protected rights that could be a big problem.


Of course, one of my favorite rights is the ones provided for under the Second Amendment – the right to keep and bear arms.


Some time back the Obama Administration launched a program known as Operation Choke Point. I have talked about it before. On the surface the operation purported to give banks and lending institutions the ability to say no to lending money to businesses that were of “high risk.” Included in the list of pornographers, Ponzi scheme promoters and escort services were ammunition sales and firearms sales businesses.


We thought maybe, just maybe, we had a winner when U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer successfully introduced the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act. Even though the law passed, the goals of Operation Choke Point are still being sought and, as usual, this administration and those who support it chose not to comply with the new act. They are still encouraging the financial institutions to shun those involved in businesses that President Obama does not like. That fact is evident in two recent cases in which a retired police officer from Connecticut and a reputable firearms dealer from North Carolina were both denied loans, not because they were a financial risk, but because they were “engaged in a risky business.” The risky business phrase is straight out of the Operation Choke Point operations manual.


Now we all know that the administration told congress that they have ceased to pursue the goals of Operation Choke Point, and we all know that nobody associated with this administration would tell a lie or refuse to enforce a law, so these two most recent cases must be figments of somebody’s imagination. Also, as the saying goes, I have a bridge for sale.


Meanwhile we have this election process. Colorado, although not a huge state when it comes to the Electoral College, is considered to be a very important state by both political parties. This year it is even more important because of the Senate seat now held by Michael Bennet and what could be a deciding factor in appointing a new justice to the Supreme Court. We have to take this seriously. If the Obama administration and his sphincter-sniffing supporters are successful in weighting the Court, we law abiding gun owners and all our gun stores, gunsmiths and related businesses are going to be in big trouble. We must see to it that we help get someone in the White House that abides by the Constitution and someone in the Senate that does more than just follow the leader to keep his or her job.


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