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Education is failing

By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


Two incidents that happened at schools hit the news hard this last week.

The first, which is a tragedy no matter how one wants to look at it, was the shooting of nine innocent people at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. That unforgivable and inexplicable mass murder hit the headlines of every major newspaper and every television news station in the country.

I will not go into the arguments of gun control right now. Everyone knows how I fee about trying to pass more laws to restrict lawful gun owners so we can feel good because we are doing something. May Christopher Sean Harper rot in Hell for what he did.

The other incident, while garnering some coverage, only hit a few national programs and was barely mentioned on those. There were no “on the scene” reports from the networks. There were very few pictures, and by the time you read this most of the coverage will have been archived forever. But we should pay attention.

Some time back the administration of the Jackson Hole High School began making plans for their “Spirit Days.” The original plan called for each day of last week to have a theme; not an uncommon practice historically in high schools across the nation. So, the plan was to have Toga/Pajama Day, Lumberjack Day, America Day, School Spirit Day, College Day, Sports Day and Decades Day. The powers that be in the school decided to conduct a survey of sorts and, based on the results, decided to cancel America Day because it was “uncomfortable” to some of the students.

There is an ever-growing trend in this country to welcome people from other countries and encourage them to bring their country with them, rather than assimilate into America. That trend, I submit, is largely due to the educators in places like JHHS. This decision, while touted to be a “democratic” decision is a symptom of a major malady we are allowing to become epidemic.

The students that were uncomfortable are mostly Latino students that are taking every advantage of the American system and not being educated on their responsibility to show some respect for the country that has opened its arms and its treasury to them. Those same students would likely be all in favor of a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Why were there no objections from those of Italian heritage for the display of togas? Where were the American Indians to protest Cowboy Day? Why was there no mention of those who might be uncomfortable celebrating College Day when they knew they would likely never be able to attend college? The reason there was no mention of those other things is because the education and immigration systems have failed to instill the pride in America that should be on top of every curricula. Every student, especially those who are taking advantage of our generosity, should have to pledge allegiance to our flag or go back home.

While JHHS principal, Scott Crisp, abandoned the America Day, a large group of his students did not. They came dressed in red, white and blue. One student drove his noisy diesel pickup around the campus with an American Flag fluttering behind it. Kudos to those who were brave enough to show their pride in living in the home of the brave.

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