Just who are they trying to choke?

It takes a while to read this long list, but please do so. Then, ask yourself what all these businesses or activities have in common.

Ammunition sales – Cable Box De-scramblers – Coin Dealers – Credit card schemes – Credit repair services – Dating services – Debt consolidation scams – Drug paraphernalia sales – Escort services – Firearms sales – Fireworks sales – Get rich products – Government grant services – Home-based charities – Tobacco sales – Lifetime guarantees – Lifetime memberships – Lottery Sales – Mailing list/personal information – Money transfer networks – On-line gambling – Payday loans – Pharmaceutical sales – Ponzi schemes – Pornography – Pyramid-type sales – Racist materials – Surveillance equipment – Telemarketing – Travel clubs.

Give up? These are all activities that are rated as “high risk” under a program that is being led by the Justice Department and incorporated into policy by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder. The operation has been named “Operation Choke Point.” Its original design, according to Justice officials is to curb the tide of consumer fraud. But, as is usual with the current administration their supporters, they have reached well beyond the stated intentions and are using the program to advance their own political agendas.

If I just put in part of the list, say the cable box de-scrambler sales and the Ponzi schemes, one would assume this is a good thing. If I put in just the legitimate business enterprises, one might assume that there was absolutely no way the government could do such a thing as put these business out of business, but that is exactly what is happening.

By having the FDIC send out “warnings,” the Justice department has cause many legitimate businesses to begin having difficulty dealing with financial institutions. Sales of firearms, ammuntion, tobacco and surveillance equipment is completely legal. It is how these products are used that might cause a problem. It is obvious that, by burying the legal, but not liked, activities in with obviously wrong things, Holder, Obama and their minions are trying to back-door many legitimate activities.

Sen. Mike Crapo -R-Idaho, is trying to get a measure through congress that will put a stop to Operation Choke Point. I intend to do what I can to help him. This is wrong and must not be allowed to continue.


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