Colorado Senator lending to bad neighbor reputation

June 9, 2014

By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


Colorado’s reputation of being a bad neighbor is being made worse by our senator.


Last week, I was given some information that was intended to debunk some of Sen. Harry Reid’s phony attempts at campaign finance reform through a constitutional amendment.


The information was that Reid and former Vice President Al Gore personally met with Tom Steyer at his home to firm up a deal whereby Steyer, a billionaire super-donor to the Democrat Party, would provide $400,000 in campaign donations, with another $100 million on the table. The larger amount came, according to reports, with a caveat: Keep delaying and ultimately stop the Keystone Pipeline.


Nothing about the information surprised me at the time. The meeting evidently took place last February, but was not reported on very extensively. The fact that it was not reported on and the fact that Reid is a hypocrite added little to my base knowledge of how things work. Then, I found out that Reid and Gore were not the only ones at the meeting. There were five other Democrats there, including our own Sen. Mark Udall.


With Colorado quickly gaining a reputation of being a bad neighbor because of the marijuana laws and the problems those laws are creating for bordering states, especially Nebraska, it seems Sen. Udall is going to take it a step farther and be part of denying our neighbors in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma the possibility of having some very good jobs that will certainly come with the pipeline.


I could almost understand it if Sen. Udall opposed the pipeline because it was going to come through Colorado. At least then he would have some standing, but to throw in with these seemingly corrupt people to halt a project that cannot in any way harm Colorado, and will quite likely help some of us, is ludicrous.


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© Robert R. Cox 2014




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