Redefining “extreme”

By Bob Cox

May 12, 2014

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


Redefining extremism seems to be the ultimate goal of many in government, and they are being assisted by complicit news organizations.


Maybe these so-called leaders, educators and journalists do not realize that there is nothing beyond the “extreme,” but I am betting that they know exactly what they are doing and they seem to be getting by with it.


Last week, after the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a report that basically said that anyone who opposed Common Core was a “right wing extremist,” much of the news media picked up on the all-encompassing description and did their best to imply that anyone on the right side of the political spectrum was “extreme.”


That description leaves one hell of a gap – a gap in which I have always placed myself. I do not now, and never have, apologized for the fact that I am on the conservative side of the fence. I also will not hesitate to admit that over the past several years I have probably moved a little more to the right, largely because of the pressure from the left, but I certainly will not say I am to the extreme.


The report, a copy of which is now in my files, has on its first page a picture of an Alabama Tea Party protest. Now, I just wonder if the designer of the report, Sunny Paulk, provided that photo. If you want to see some disgusting writing and “social media” from Paulk, take a look at her Twitter account. If you do, I think you will come up with the same conclusion I did.


It also bothers me that one of the researchers for the report, Josh Glasstetter, has made it his lot in life to degrade and denigrate anyone in the conservative movement. A little over a year ago, however, Glasstetter wrote in his blog that he was a little upset that Microsoft was a sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Committee meeting, but he certainly did not label them as right wing extremists for doing so. That may have caused problems when he had to praise the Gates Foundation for covering the large percentage of the costs to develop Common Core. Glasstetter’s research and Paulk’s design was quick to make sure that prominent photos of both David and Charles Koch were part of the report, implying that they were extremists because of their support of Freedom Works. If the Kochs are extreme right, why is not Bill Gates extreme left. Why, if this is a fair report, was not Gates’ photo on display too?


The report is a very one-sided statement, rather than a report, but criticism of it will undoubtedly place the critic on the extreme right wing, sitting next to those who want to organize an armed insurrection. George Will gave a great reply to the report on May 5, but he did so on Fox News, which according to the framers of the report and many on the left side of the aisle, is also considered to be extreme right.


The fact is that those on the left have now launched a campaign to completely dismiss any discourse about anything they believe in by attaching the label of “extreme” to anyone that disagrees. If they truly believed in things like Common Core, they would welcome a good debate. Good ideas win good debates. Bad debaters simply ignore what the other side has to say and then declare themselves winners, regardless of the score.


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© Robert R. Cox 2014




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