Needed: real UV protection

By Bob Cox

May 5, 2014

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.



I do not routinely rummage through my wife’s “personal” stuff. I don’t think I have ever opened her underwear drawer or went beyond retrieving her car keys from her purse.

Then, recently, while looking for something entirely different, I came upon a small bottle, which dominantly displayed the words “maximum moisturizer with maximum UV protection.” I locked the bathroom door, squeezed a substantial glob of this stuff into my palm and began rubbing it all over my body, with special attention to the top of my head and around my ears.


Why Diane had never told me about this stuff was a mystery to me. How could she keep something so important a secret? In my analytical mind, I began to understand things much more than I ever had, but the question about her secrecy kept coming up.


Each morning thereafter, I waited until my bride of more than 45 years left the house. Immediately after my shower I began rubbing this amazing cream on my significant and ample body. I waited for the results, but the stuff just did not seem to work that well. I decided to confess my deeds and ask advice. After all, she had evidently been using the cream for a long time.


That evening I deftly worked the topic into the conversation and asked if the cream really worked. I received a simple, “Well, I like it.”


“But, does the UV protection really work? I asked. Again, a rather dismissive answer: “I guess so.”


“So, why didn’t you ever tell me that you had a cream that will protect me from Uninformed Voters?”


What a letdown! She tells me that the UV stands for “Ultra-Violet.” There really is no protection for uninformed voters. I guess I will just have to keep trying to tell people what I think and hope that they either confirm my words through other sources or prove me wrong. At least that way I am doing something about the problems in this world. If I were a chemist I would be working on that UV cream though. I know we need something.


Remember, I only send out these missives to those who have asked for them. I do not share your email addresses with anyone and I use the Reagan email precisely because they don’t share or sell the addresses either. If you are getting this because someone forwarded it to you and you don’t want it, tell him or her not to forward any more. On the other hand, if you received a copy and would like to see more of my ranting, simply drop me a line at I will put you on my exclusive, but growing list.




© Robert R. Cox 2014




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