Obama Care is hurting Colorado

By Bob Cox

March 31, 2014

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


Today is the day that we will all know just how well the Affordable Health Care Act is doing; or will we?


There have been more adjustments and delays in this ambiguous piece of garbage legislation than in anything the government has ever done. We have witnessed out-and-out unconstitutional rewrites of a law by the executive branch of the government without any objections from the legislative branch. We have witnessed precedents that will likely haunt our system of government for years, if not forever.


Colorado is not exempt from the corruption caused by AHCA. Last week the Senate Health and Human Services Committee in the Colorado Legislature voted to kill HB 1257, a bill that would have permitted the state auditor to conduct a performance audit of Connect for Health Colorado, which is our state health insurance exchange.


I cannot help but think that this rejection is little more than another political ploy to distract our citizens from the fact that AHCA (Obama Care) is a complete and total failure.


To her credit, CHC board member Ellen Daehnick questioned the committee vote, but then turned around and explained why she questioned it, by saying that she was a lifelong Democrat and business owner and was concerned that the vote will harm Democrats in their efforts to seek re-election. That, folks, is what this is really all about.


After all why would a quasi-government non-profit organization that takes federal grant dollars need a state audit? Why would we want to audit anyone who spent $7.2 million on advertising? Why should there be any scrutiny into the fact that $46,000 of that went to buy exchange-branded packets of lip balm? Why should we question the need for an RV rental with an advertising wrap that cost us nearly $10,000? Why, oh why, should an arm of our government be audited when they pay outside lawyers up to $575 per hour? Were the proposers of HB 1257 getting just a little nit-picky over such trivial things?


Lastly, should we be just a little concerned about an organization that hired Christa McClure? McClure was recently placed on paid leave, after it was determined that an indictment filed in the U.S. District Court in Billings, Mont. alleges that, while serving as the executive director of the federally funded Housing Montana, she paid herself a potful of money for “consulting services” while she was already on the payroll under the designation of being a full time employee. The indictment alleges many other violations. Do we not need to take a closer look at an organization that failed to vet someone to that degree?


This all boils down to protecting those who support the AFCA. It is nothing less than corruption, and we need to take note of who is involved. The members of the committee are: Irene Aguilar, Chair; Linda Newell, Vice-Chair; Larry Crowder, Owen Hill, John Kefalas, Kevin Lundberg and Jeanne Nicholson.


Remember, I only send out these missives to those who have asked for them. I do not share your email addresses with anyone and I use the Reagan email precisely because they don’t share or sell the addresses either. If you are getting this because someone forwarded it to you and you don’t want it, tell him or her not to forward any more. On the other hand, if you received a copy and would like to see more of my ranting, simply drop me a line at coxnotes@Reagan.com I will put you on my exclusive, but growing list.




© Robert R. Cox 2014



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