Don’t be vewwy, vewwy quiet


By Bob Cox

March 10, 2014

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


Don’t be vewwy, vewwy quiet – we are not hunting rabbits


If we sit on our butts and listen to the national news media, we will be made to think that the next important election cycle is the 2016 presidential election. The news media in general pays little attention to the Republicans, unless they have something bad to say, and they have found every little bad thing they can that relates to the various speakers at the recent CPAC conference.


I listened to at least parts of most of the speeches that were given at CPAC, but we must me cautious about letting ourselves be led into thinking that we have to focus on 2016 before 2014 is over.


This mid-term election cycle is, in my opinion, one of the most important in recent history and the Grand Old Party Republicans have some great chances to show their stuff and prove (if they can) that they have better ideas. In order to do that, they must take back the Senate. To do so they need six seats. There are 33 seats up for grabs and 20 of them are Democrats vying to defend the Affordable Care Act. By 2016 that problem may well be overshadowed by other problems, but now, in 2014 it is the topic and it must be referred to at every opportunity.


Many of the strategist view Colorado as being one of the most important states in this mid-term and I think they are right. Kentucky, Alaska, Georgia, Arkansas and Louisiana have all been focused on too, but we in Colorado have a job to do and that job as far as I am concerned it to replace Sen. Mark Udall and follow up by replacing Governor Hickenlooper.


The ACA is as unpopular in Colorado as it is in any state and you are about to see a plethora of campaign ads directed mostly at our youth and designed to make this monstrosity appear to be something great and wonderful. We must stay focused and not let more lies be told without challenges.


Gov. Hickenlooper, according to a recent Quinnipac poll, is beginning to struggle. Of the 1,139 registered voters polled, he received a 47 percent favorability rating. That may not sound too bad, and the national news media is already rounding that up to 50 percent, but the straw polls at the caucuses last Tuesday suggest that the Colorado GOP is not going to play around with a gang of weak candidates. As soon as Cory Gardner threw his hat in the ring he pulled a whopping 83 percent of the straw votes. I am not a great supporter of Gardner in a lot of ways, but that kind of unity is just what we need to get someone in the governor’s mansion that believes in the Second Amendment and in following the law.


As for Udall, he is also on the brink. Depending on what happens at the assemblies on March 22, we could also end up with a strong candidate to make history by being the first person in a decade to be a non-democratic Senator in Colorado.


It may be advisable to be quiet and tiptoe around when it comes to rabbit hunting, but when it comes to taking back this state and saying that we want to be heard for more than violating gun owner rights and smoking dope, we have to let our voices be heard. You may be surprised at what comes running out of the bushes if you start yelling a little.


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© Robert R. Cox 2014





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