Pay attention Colorado


By Bob Cox

February 3, 2014

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


What a week! First, I must offer my condolences to all those who are in some sort of deep depression because the Denver Bronco blew the Super Bowl. The players will, for the most part, get over it. I wonder about some of the fans.


On a more serious note, it is time for all Colorado voters to start paying attention. As a rule, I am not a single-issue voter, but each of those single issues add up and it is time to start doing the math.


Last year two Colorado recalled Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, both Democrats who supported the expanded gun control laws passed in the Colorado Legislature. A third recall effort against Sen. Evie Hudak was thwarted when Sen. Hudak chose to resign so her party could name a replacement. Now, the Democrats hold the majority in the House by a single vote.


There are at least six pieces of legislation, which will be presented in the upcoming session, each will either call for the repeal of the gun control laws or at least modify them to some extent. Proponents of these legislative efforts are may want you to believe that they have only to get any two Democrats on their side to pass any one of these bills. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Each of these bills must pass through the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. This committee is used by the legislature as a “kill committee” and it has earned the title well. The committee consists of six Democrats and four Republicans. So, while two Democrats will make a difference, if they are not among the ones on the committee, everything is for naught. Here is a list of the members:

            Rep. Su Ryden
(Democratic-CO 36) Chair

         Rep. Joseph Salazar
(Democratic-CO 31) Vice Chair

         Rep. Timothy Dore
(Republican-CO 64) Member

         Rep. Mike Foote
(Democratic-CO 12) Member

         Rep. Stephen Humphrey
(Republican-CO 48) Member

         Rep. Jeanne Labuda
(Democratic-CO 1) Member

         Rep. Jovan Melton
(Democratic-CO 41) Member

         Rep. Dominick Moreno
(Democratic-CO 32) Member

         Rep. Dan Nordberg
(Republican-CO 14) Member

         Rep. Ray Scott
(Republican-CO 55) Member

         Rep. Angela Williams
(Democratic-CO 7) Member


If you have friends or family in any of these districts, it is time to apply the pressure.

Here are the bills that I am aware of so far:

  1. HB 14-1063: “Deadly Force Against Intruders At Businesses”
  2. HB 14-1151: “Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition”
  3. SB 14-038: “Governor Cannot Restrict Firearms During Emergency”
  4. SB 14-090: “No Background Check For Step-relations”
  5. SB 14-094: “Background Checks And Fees For Gun Transfers” (to repeal mandatory background checks for face-to-face transfers)
  6. SB 14-100: “Repeal Large-capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban”

As always, I encourage everyone to become knowledgeable on the topic before trying to advocate for it.


Remember, I only send out these missives to those who have asked for them. I do not share your email addresses with anyone and I use the Reagan email precisely because they don’t share or sell the addresses either. If you are getting this because someone forwarded it to you and you don’t want it, tell him or her not to forward any more. On the other hand, if you received a copy and would like to see more of my ranting, simply drop me a line at I will put you on my exclusive, but growing list.




© Robert R. Cox 2014






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