Colorado my home


By Bob Cox

December 30, 2013

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


The year is now gone. We can all sit around and brag about our accomplishments or lament our failures. We can pat ourselves on the backs for having survived another year or drive ourselves crazy wondering what the next year will bring.


As far as I am concerned Colorado should be looking at the next year with a substantial amount of pessimism. We have, as a state, gained national recognition for all the wrong reasons and those who think we have accomplished grand things are looking forward to screwing up the state even more.


First or all, Colorado managed to pass some glaringly unconstitutional gun laws in 2013. Sure, a couple of supporters of those laws were recalled and sent back to their districts with their tails between their legs, but the laws are still on the books and law abiding citizens are suffering because of them.


Then there is the ridiculous legalization of “recreational marijuana.” I was always willing to listen to the medical argument, but this thing is a travesty brought on by a bunch of people who think it is okay to fill their brains with chemicals if it comes in the form of marijuana, but will pick up their signs and head for the nearest protest gathering if someone wants to do a little fracking and release some valuable and much needed natural gas and oil from their self-defined “Mother Earth.” This law, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, will allow those over 21 to purchase an ounce of the wacky weed if they are residents and a quarter ounce if they are from another state.


Enforcement will be a nightmare and those involved in trying to prevent drunk driving and the consequences thereof now have another problem to deal with. Where the hell are all the mad mothers now?


Of course all those thousands and maybe millions of dollars that are to be collected in the form of taxes on pot are going to be going to the school systems. What are the chances of it being enough? I am willing to bet the price of a lid of grass that someone will want more “for the children” before the sun sets on 2014.


Don’t despair though. The minimum wage in Colorado is going up to $8 per hour on the first of January. I will wait for the promised end of poverty and increase in employment that is supposed to bring. Again, I am betting against it. The minimum wage is a dismal failure at doing anything for the economy or unemployment. The only people who do not know that are the idiots we have elected to buy votes with our money.


Then there are the new health care laws. I have tried reading as much as I can on that, but every time I get to the end of the first chapter there is a news release from Washington, D.C. that changes the whole thing and I have to start all over again. Maybe I could get Nancy Pelozi to separate her gritted teeth a little and explain to me whether she ever got around to reading the darn thing after they passed it. I am sure that would shed some light on the issue.


Another wonderful new law is the new way of determining how much alimony one person must pay to another in the case of dissolution of marriage (or whatever they call it now). It seems the judges in these cases were having a hard time figuring out if some poor jilted spouse was entitled to more money, so the legislature stepped in and passed a big long law that is full of “exceptions” to make it easier on the judges.


Then there are the regulations, and believe me there are more than I want to comment on here. We can rest assured though that those pesky incandescent light bulbs are finally on their way out. As of Jan. 1, the 60 watt and 40 watt versions will no longer be manufactured in the United States. Sorry Mr. Edison, but you really screwed up. When you said you had not failed, only found 10,000 ways something did not work, little did you know that the EPA would make that 10,001 ways and not have even a twinkle of evidence to support their hair-brained regulations.


But, in spite of it all, I have to remain just a little optimistic. I see people pointing at the right people and accusing them of lying. I see a few brave souls standing up for what they believe in, and I see friends and family around me. There is still hope.


Happy New Year




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