Oh my Colorado


By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.


December 16, 2013


So, here we go again. Colorado is once again getting attention by the national media. We are not being promoted because the early snowfall has created some great skiing conditions, nor are we handed accolades because, according to a study released on Dec. 11, we rank 8th among all states for our good health.


No, the media is once again targeting us because some idiot did something stupid and walked into the Arapahoe High School in Centennial with a shotgun. He shot one innocent student, and then turned the gun on himself.


And, once again the liberal media has a problem. First of all, hours and even days after authorities identified the shooter, 18-year-old Karl Pierson, most of the mainstream media was still referring to him as “the shooter” or the “teenaged shooter.” As usual, and as should happen, news outlets began looking into Pierson’s background, but they very obviously did not like what they found. He was not some right wing, Tea Party, Constitution toting radical, but rather a self-described hater of those kinds. In a Facebook post, he described Republicans as the “let them die party.”


What upsets me as much as anything is the fact that some of these so-called news outlets changed their stories when it became obvious that their agendas could not be met. In one article the Denver Post quoted Thomas Conrad, an acquaintance of Pierson’s, as describing Pierson as “a very opinionated Socialist.” Oops, that doesn’t fit. The Post’s follow-up story conveniently left out the word “Socialist” and limited Conrad’s description to “very opinionated.” That is journalistic malpractice.


I don’t want to trivialize what happened. I do want to point out that there is evil out there and that we cannot control evil by covering up the fact that it is evil. Claire Davis, an innocent victim of this outrageous crime, as of this writing is fighting for her life. That is sad and should not be ignored, but she is a victim because of an evil person, not because of what he used to perpetrate his evil methods.

You can bet that there will be people out there who will exploit this terrible event. Keep your eyes and ears open and keep an open mind. Listen to who speaks up and what they say. Too often I hear the words that sound so compassionate and understanding, only to realize that they are hollow and agenda driven.

God bless Clair Davis and her family. I hope they realize that Karl Pierson got just what he deserved. He did the right thing when he turned the gun on himself, even if he did it for all the wrong reasons.


Those are my notes for this week. Remember, if you know of someone who might like to read these thoughts, please share them and encourage them to send me an email – coxnotes@Reagan.com – to get on the mailing list. I do not spam and I do not share email addresses.






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