First Amendment


By Bob Cox

Some opinions, comments and links relating to what is happening in this great nation and, in particular, in Western Colorado.

December 11, 2013

Imagine if you will the following scenario:

A common citizen walks into a Halal butcher shop in the greater Denver area and asks the proprietor if the shop does custom butchering. The owner, a devout Muslim eager to please his potential customer answers,  “Certainly, what do you have in mind?”

“I need a large hog cut into appropriate pieces for a barbecue being held in honor of my daughter’s confirmation,” replies the customer.

The owner politely rebukes his customer by informing him that Muslims are not allowed to handle pork and that pork, according to his religion should not be eaten. He declines to enter into an agreement whereby he would cut up the hog.

I have no idea if this has ever happened, but I am betting that the guy that wanted the hog butchered would have one hell of a time getting some judge to force the Halal butcher to provide the service, but that is exactly what happened to a Christian shop owner when a gay couple wanted him to make them a wedding cake.

When Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver told his potential customer that based on religious beliefs, he had to decline making them a wedding cake. The two gay men immediately went running to the American Civil Liberties Union. ACLU jumped at the chance to render the U.S. Constitution a little weaker and filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

It is not bad enough that the ACLU took such a stance. They actually found a judge that agreed with their ridiculous claim. Last week judge Robert N. Spencer found that Phillips violated the law and basically ordered him to set his religious freedom aside and bake the cake.

How can this happen in the United States of America? How can a judge not know what the First Amendment is all about? Here is how the ACLU sees it:

“While we all agree that religious freedom is important, no one’s religious beliefs make it acceptable to break the law by discriminating against prospective customers,” said Amanda C. Goad, staff attorney with the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project. “No one is asking Masterpiece’s owner to change his beliefs, but treating gay people differently because of who they are is discrimination plain and simple.”

Judge Spencer may like to think that what he said and did is “plain and simple,” but it is anything but. When a person is forced by the law to set aside his religious beliefs, he is being subjected to the exact atrocity that sent our ancestors to the banks of the New World. This judge, the ACLU and the CCRC have gone way beyond the scope of the law. What they have done is unconstitutional.  They should be reprimanded, but who will reprimand them? The power these people have is quickly becoming omnipotent. We must find a way to limit that power and we must do it soon.

 What makes this even more disturbing is the fact that the Denver Post chose to go along with the judge. The Denver Post actively participates in the Colorado Press Association’s contests, some of which honor those who stand up for freedom of the press – a right also articulated by our founders in the First Amendment. I cannot help but wonder what argument they will have when this radical judge decides that they cannot say what they want to say because they are “treating people differently because of who they are…”

Here, in part is what the Post had to say:

Masterpiece Cakeshop is a commercial enterprise, not a religious institution, even if Phillips believes he honors God thr0ugh his artistic efforts in cake decoration.

How ridiculous is that? Once again, the Denver Post is coming down on the liberal side of the agenda and throwing objective journalism to the wind.

I am getting pretty tired of Colorado being on the leading edge of these radical stories. Just today I hear about a six-year-old being accused of sexual harassment because he kissed the hand of one of his female classmates. Zero tolerance? Bull! This is zero sensibility.

And, don’t forget that I get into the thick of things with Jim Kerschner every Wednesday morning at about 8:05 on KUBC AM580. We have fun and sometimes get someone riled up.

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