Taking is taking

John Stossel recently aired a special on Fox News that pointed out the craziness of government regulation. One of his segments involved a man in Louisiana who was unable to make use of his property because of the Louisiana Gopher Frog. The problem was not that the endangered frog actually lived on the property, but that it could live on the property. This tactic is being used more and more by the radical animal rights and environmental movements. It amounts to illegal taking of property although no actual “taking” happens. By  severely limiting what a person can do with his property, the government agency (EPA, USFWS, etc.) take the property away from its rightful owner. More and more this is being done in the name of animal preservation. A group in Montrose County, Colorado was recently denied a gravel pit permit because the Gunnison Sage Grouse might someday decide to move on to the property. There is absolutely no evidence that the grouse ever lived on the property and certainly none that any are on the property now.

It is time we stand up and remind our representatives, including county government officials, that we are on top to the food chain and the only way to achieve some of the goals of these wackos is to completely eliminate man. I am not ready to give up my place in the world to an ugly old frog.


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